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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Customer Enquiries

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Structural Fabrication Division

We have extensive knowledge of every aspect of heavy steel fabrication and the successful delivery of countless complex and large structures, up to 100 tonnes in weight.

Nash Engineering offers a wide range of services in this Division. Consisting it’s major specialized Structural Steel Fabrication workshop in Jebel Ali- U.A.E, All Structural Steel fabrication services will be designed and Fabricated to your exact specifications, there really are no limitations to what we can offer in this area. Once we have gathered all of the information needed we will put together a cost plan for the scope of works and walk you through the cost and the management of the project to ensure you are completely happy with it.

Heavy Steel Structures

1.Heavy Structures

Heavy Structures


Pre-Building Structures

Offshore Spud Can Leg


Boat Landing Structures

Crane Structures

7.Well Head Platforms

Well Head Platforms

8.Pre-Fabricated Structures

Pre-Fabricated Structures

Offshore Structures

Medium Steel Structures

Boom Lift Structures

Pipe Racks

Skid Structures


Stair Case Ladder

7.stainless steel structures

Stainless Steel Structures

Hopper Structures


10.Tank Structures

Tank Structures

Light Steel Structures

Duct Structures


3.Structural Supports

Structural Supports

Pipe Support